our history

A brief history of the Aurora collective.

Around 2003, a small group of independent therapists, working mainly out of the impulse of anthroposophy, decided to meet on a regular basis. Some of us, working at Raphael House Rudolf Steiner School in Lower Hutt, were living with the question of how to serve the children with extra needs. These questions soon expanded to include clients coming from beyond the school’s community. We wondered how best to make the therapies accessible. Was it best for each therapist to have their own practice, or could we work together somehow? And how to do that, with some of us working privately while others work in employment.
We began to meet weekly as a collective, and focused on Case, and Child Studies: (The Child Study is an important tool used in schools and medical therapeutic centres worldwide, working out of the impulse of anthroposophy.) We resolved to create a space where the client would always be central to the work of the collective. In this way, over time, we might also deepen our own understanding of health and illness, and be a support for each other in this therapeutic work. To this day, that is still the core of what we do.



We are aware that, around the collective of therapists, is another, wider group of people supporting the client in their search for health. This circle is made up of the parents and families, the teachers, colleagues, partners, and friends of the clients that come through our door. These are the people that support the client in their daily rhythms and needs. By doing so, they also support our endeavours to help the client step out of our door again, with renewed confidence into the world.

With this newsletter, we hope to strengthen our connection to that wider group of people in the community, to you. So this is probably a good time and space to say a huge THANK YOU, to all those, who, over the past 9 years or so, have helped us in a myriad of ways. They have helped us with our structure, our vision, and in so many other aspects! We wouldn’t have reached this point, if it weren’t for a whole range of people, coming to our aid whenever we ask. Thank you!

Our Vision:

Nurturing Health, Developing Resilience.

We believe that illness is a part of life, and that health is an active striving for balance between states of imbalance, or illness. Health is supported on a daily basis. For example, through being mindful and conscious of what we eat, our rhythms of activity and rest, but also by the quality of our thoughts and feelings. When we do find ourselves more or less out of balance, we seek help, to restore what was lost.
All the therapies offered through Aurora support clients to take an active role in restoring this balance: in acute heath situations, but also with more persistent conditions. Some therapies look at the question of where illness fits in biography: ‘what is it teaching me? how can I grow and learn from it? what are its gifts to me?


With our wide range of therapeutic interventions, Aurora therapists provide care for the body and all its physiological processes, for the feeling life of soul and for the sense of self, the individuality of our clients. We believe that the integration of all these levels is what brings health and resilience.


Aurora collective offers remedies, which complement mainstream medicine and add an extra dimension to healing. Our general practitioners have additional training in anthroposophic medicine. The supportive nursing therapies (anthroposophic) are offered by registered nurses. The Extra Lesson movement program, music, art therapy and all other therapies of offer, are conducted by practitioners with prior training in a range of therapeutic and educational disciplines.