Aurora Fund

From the beginning, around 2003, there was at Aurora’s heart the wish – the impulse- to make the therapies truly accessible. To this end, we had set up a small Fund to support people in need, so that they could receive the therapies on offer through Aurora.

This year, 14 years later in 2017, this little initiative has made a big step forward: we have worked towards becoming a legal entity, and are now very pleased to announce that we have become an Incorporated Society: Aurora Collective Incorporated. We have also been granted Charitable Status.

This means that we are now able to formally grow our Fund through tax-deductible donations and fundraisers, allowing us to reach more people in the Wellington region.

Like the heart, receiving blood flow from the whole body, and sending it out again, enlivened, to bring to all parts of the body what it needs, so will the Fund be at the heart of Aurora:

Receiving gifts and donations, so that this can flow out into all corners of our community, with added warmth, enlivened, with nourishment of the therapies and therapeutic relationships, to all the places and people were support and health-giving is needed.

The details of the charity are:

Aurora Collective Incorporated
registered 20/06/2017
registration number: CC54753


37 Pretoria Street
Lower Hutt 5010
ph: 021 028 9981
For the rules of the incorporation go to:
If you would like to support the work and donate to the Fund: 
Bank account details:
Kiwi bank
Aurora Collective Incorporated
38 – 9019 – 0120476 – 00

Please send us your name and contact details so we can send you a donation receipt for your tax refund.