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Ava Ruth Baker
General Practice /
Anthroposophic Medicine,
(specialising in autism spectrum
and related conditions)
William Crawford
General Practice /

Anthroposophic Medicine
Unavailable till further notice
Brionie Feast
Supportive Nursing Therapy

Judy Frost-Evans
Biographical Counselling

Mark Geard
Art Therapy / Meditation
021 898 592

Lut Hermans
Extra Lesson Programme /
Sculpture Therapy
027 748 1093

Laura Hurtado-Roberts, PhD
Extra Lesson Programme / Counselling

027 273 8257

Monica Brice
Extra Lesson Programme
Unavailable until further notice

Sue Pegler
Eurythmy Therapy
(currently working at Raphael House
Rudolf Steiner School)

Lindy Peters
Extra Lesson Programme
(currently working at Raphael House
Rudolf Steiner School)
Marcia Pollock
Bowen Therapy and Reflexology
027 246 9883
Kate Sanders O’Connor 
Music therapy 
027 264 2755
Sigi Scrase
Extra Lesson

Janet Thomson
Eurythmy Therapy /
Body-centred Mindfulness Counselling