I love working with people in music therapy. It is a privilege to find ways to engage a person and groups in music, creating music together. A trusting relationship is key; music is the context to provide therapeutic experiences, eg. being listened to, emotional expression or movement.

Exploring a person’s connection to music may be through listening, singing, movement, song writing, improvising, playing percussion and other instruments, for example. Music Therapy is tailored to individual needs and capacities; my approach is to provide a safe, playful and manageable place where the person is honoured.

music therapy photo

My Music Therapy Interests:

I enjoy working therapeutically with children, where music play is paramount; and music games can develop readiness for learning.

I am very interested in working with people impacted by autism, affirming strengths and working with sensitivities.

Music engages many areas of the brain, and in therapeutic music, a person can gain fresh experiences of themselves.

During 2014, I worked in groups with people who have “come alive” in music sessions.  Increased interactive behaviour and self expression were seen outside the music therapy sessions.

I am interested in Community Music Therapy, where a goal is to enable participation within one’s social group.

Group singing and folk dancing, piano tuition, and foundational music education.

Kate Sanders O’Conner
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