Anthropsophic Medicine is a way of practising medicine which is based on a view of the human being as encompassing a self, a psyche or soul, and a dynamic and developing physiology as well as a physical body composed of material substances. This view enables a doctor to understand illness and healing in a way that offers new approaches to treatment.

Treatment often includes botanical and potentized remedies, artistic and physical therapies as well as the allopathic drugs and surgical techniques of mainstream medicine. The unique view of the human being provided by Anthropsophic Medicine guides the Doctor in choosing the appropriate modality.

Anthropsophic Doctors are conventionally trained and registered medical practitioners who have undertaken further studies to be able to examine and treat each case from this fuller concept of the human being.
In a consultation, aspects of the patient’s biography, personality, preferences and habits will often be enquired about as well as the more common questions about symptoms.

Diagnosis can be conventional,
Anthropsophic or both. When treatment choices differ between the conventional view and the Anthropsophic view I will explain the risks and benefits of both and help the patient to make an informed choice.

William Crawford
(away till March 2016)

Ava Ruth Baker