Biographical Counselling provides an opportunity to be met and witnessed in your life story in a supportive and empowering environment. The approach is based on a deep understanding that our lives are filled with significance. The events and processes in our lives will reveal their meaning if we take the time  to observe them.

Biography work activates our memory. We feel a need or urge to find the truth of our existence. In biography work we meet ourselves. This links us to our ‘I’, our ego, our Self. Biography work is an opportunity to go into our memory store, to digest our path, to be free so we can be more fully here. Biography work is a path to consciousness.

In Biography work we call on the forces of tolerance and compassion. This work asks for reverence and devotion. Our biographies are divine material. Biography work is lifelong work. It takes patience. We can’t force something to be revealed, until the time is right.

Biography work meets the need in each for us for an understanding of who we are. This need of our Self is as powerful as the need of our physical body for food and sustenance. We can feel hungry or thirsty for this work and when we meet it we may feel nourished within our deeper self.

In Biography work we can become a witness to our life journey, and to the life journeys of others. This work can become a space in which we can say yes to our life, understand it and grow out of it. To wake up and take responsibility is to develop a new muscle, a new faculty.

‘Biography work is a quest for meaning. It arises in human hearts out of the certainty that life itself and all human lives are of significance, and that the events and processes in our lives will reveal their meaning if we learn to observe them.

‘Biography work has developed as increasing numbers of people live with the existential questions: Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? What is my task? What can I contribute? What does my life mean? These questions today express a yearning to reach beyond our daily sense of self, with its fears, prides, comforts and illusions, to discover a comprehensive and objectively reliable picture of who we are. We seek to contact our own creative centre that includes our deeper aims and intentions, to find a certainty of self that cannot be shaken, a light in ourselves that cannot be extinguished.’
– excerpts from Biography Work: Awakening to Destiny by Margli Matthews

Judy Frost-Evans