What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy employs creative art processes to help stimulate inner movement and change to bring about healing, insight and self-empowerment. An art therapist may use drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, and expressive movement with clients ranging from young children to the elderly. The fears, stresses and anxieties so prevalent in today’s world can be ameliorated through art-making. Complicated and confusing emotions so hard to express in thoughts and words, can be made conscious and illuminated through the pathway of the arts. It is important to note that one does not need to be a skilled artist. The art-making process is more important than the finished product. It is possible for anyone to express themselves creatively and guided activity can provide a helpful start. Guided imagery or visualization, meditation, yoga, tai chi and other methods of stress reduction may also be used with individuals to complement a therapy session.

Art therapy can be used in:

Reducing stress
Building problem-solving skills
Improving self-esteem
Managing anxiety
Resolving inner turmoil and conflicts
Relaxing and calming nerves
Expressing feelings and experiences
Developing ways to cope
Working towards wellbeing
Staying motivated during the recovery process
Developing personal insight
Change management

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