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Diploma Biographical Counselling UK

Judy Frost-Evans

From my childhood I have always been interested in biography but didn’t know until I met Biographical Counselling that it could be healing work. This work continues to move and inspire me as I witness my clients becoming more themselves. In the process, I see them releasing old patterns of stuckness and sensing a freshness of being. This kind of work takes willingness for both of us to bring memories to consciousness, to create them anew through our free thinking activity and in so doing to allow what is essential in a particular event to emerge and the rest to dissolve. This is the process of digestion; letting go of the past so that we can be enriched by it and yet stand free of it. Biographical Counselling helps to support all those who go on its journey to meet what is coming towards them by developing a greater sense of self whilst activating the will to change. It encompasses healing with self-development.

I gained my Diploma in Biographical Counselling in 2006 after training at Emerson College in Forest Row, UK. I lived in the UK at a time when I could travel to Forest Row monthly over four years to study Biographical Counselling with Margli Matthews and her inspirational team of trainers and colleagues. Over the past decade, I have worked with clients in the UK and in New Zealand. While I was a parent at Raphael House from 1984 until 1998 I became deeply interested in storytelling as a healing art. I have followed this passion by becoming a storyteller and setting up a local school of storytelling.


I suggest an initial meeting to check that we can work together then a minimum of six sessions to allow the process some time to work. Our sessions can be weekly or fortnightly. Longer term counselling is also an option. My usual fee is $60 per session (one hour).

I offer a safe, professional and confidential service.

I can be contacted on 04-2398346 / 021-1121244 or